Hi, I'm Akhil Oswal! I am a Designer and Researcher with 3 years of experience.

CookPanion | Cutting Board Interface
Clinical App design & development
A tablet app designed for clinicians to test, visualize and analyse patient's walking data using instrumented orthoses.
Interaction Design | UX Design | UX Development
Peregrine : A travel experience in 2026
Peregrine is a travel service of the future. It harnesses Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous vehicles to create highly personalized and convenient tours. It creates a differentiated travel service for international travelers in 2026.
Autonomous Cars | Augmented Reality | Service Design
The Fresh Market: Service Design
Re-designing the Grocery shopping experience at The Fresh Market using Service Design methodologies.
Service Design | UX Design | Retail
MedSafe : Reducing Medication Errors in Hospitals
Research & Design for medication storage and delivery in hospitals : redesigning the flow of nursing rounds to reduce medication errors.
UX Research | Industrial Design | Healthcare
Bird It : Recognizing bird species in the field
Personal Project : An app designed to quickly identify bird species using intuitive forms. Designed for both pros and newcomers to birding.
UX Design | Interaction Design
Evoke : Memory assistant for the elderly
Research to understand the challenges of elder adults living alone. Designing a friendly memory aid to allow safer, independent aging in place.
UX Research | Industrial Design | Healthcare
Dragonfly : Wearable 360 Camera
A wearable device to capture 360 experiences, without distracting the user from the experience
Industrial Design | UI/UX | Wearable Electronics
Spec : Wearable Braille Interpreter
A wearable assistive device that allows people to learn Braille quickly and intuitively
Interaction Design | Arduino | Wearable Electronics
Other Interactive projects
Arduino and Lego Mindstorms based quick projects
Folding tool
Industrial Design
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