I am an Experience designer and researcher. I am pursuing my Masters in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech and graduating in May 2018. I like to create intuitive and innovative user experiences that solve problems for all products and services.  I work on projects across disciplines, such as healthcare, retail, consumer electronics and finance. At Georgia Tech, partnering with industries for projects led me to work with NCR for the summer, as a design intern - where we used service design methods to innovate on the internal processes and create engaging client interactions.
An undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering, experience with development and a love for modern technology have taught me important lessons - not just harnessing technologies to assist in solving problems, but also to realize what is implementable and also to work in conjunction with development teams. A love for critical problem solving and the creative interests of Origami and digital art drove me to a career in design.
I enjoy prototyping - both physical and digital - to quickly test new ideas and get them in the hands of users and peers and experts to get feedback. Self-learning web and mobile development, Arduino and (currently) VR prototyping have helped me quickly realize multiple iterations of ideas, while courses at Georgia Tech have taught the form prototyping skills using 3D scanning, modeling & printing, laser cutting and physical modeling.
On a free day, you would find me hiking, birding, doing origami, listening to classic rock, or reading about new tech.
UX Design, Service Design, Product Design, Interaction Design, Design Strategy
NCR, Atlanta GA | UX Design | Intern | May - Aug 2017
Applied Service design methodologies to redesign, streamline and assist internal and client-facing processes at NCR. Created tools for better communication, storytelling and content management.

Georgia Tech | UX Research, Design & Development | Graduate Research Assistant | Jan - Dec 2017
Partnered with the departments of Institute for People and Technology, Applied Physiology and Electrical Engineering at Georgia Tech.
Designed and developed an Android application to visualize patient data coming from an Instrumented Ankle Foot Orthotic. The app is designed to assist and instruct clinician perform trials on patients, record, visualize and understand the information to make informed suggestions for orthotics.

Quicksand, Bangalore, India | UX Designer | Full-time | Jan 2014 - May 2015
Designed, developed and managed the web-presence of the company as well as its projects. Created interactive websites and informative websites for Quicksand and the UnBox Festival.
Participated in ethnographic research and market research for a service and design strategy project in the financial sector for a client, spanning 10 cities and 60 users. Designed and developed a web-based application to navigate and browse user stories to showcase the design process, and to connect research to insights.

Shopsense Co, Mumbai, India | Front-end Developer | Full-time | May - Sep 2013
Designed and developed the main company website for Shopsense Co, a retail innovation company. Helped creating click-through interfaces for clients. Conducted user research with retail managers to identify insights for creating a Business Intelligence app for retail and designed a mobile-first interface to support retail management.

Avaya India, Pune | Front-end Developer | Intern
Designed and developed the front-end for an Enterprise Social Network for both desktop and mobile, for internal communications of projects for companies. Part of a two-person team at Avaya to create and test a new idea.
Current Projects
Masters Project | Aug 2017 - May 2018
Researching the potential of modern visualization technologies (Virtual Reality) as a communication tool in businesses such as retail, to foster innovation, customer experience and collaboration. (Content coming soon)
Electric Vehicle Charging | Aug - Dec 2017
Working with industry partners to understand future opportunities of Electric Vehicle charging stations, as EVs continue to gain market share in the industry. Researching current and potential user behaviors, global markets and evaluating retail opportunities to support the new industry. Proposing new concepts to create smooth user experiences for EV owners to charge, engage them while they wait, and prepare for emergency use-cases. (Content coming soon)

Design Research : Ethnography, Secondary, Empathy Mapping, Persona Development, Participatory Design & facilitation, Prior Art
Rapid Prototyping : Sketching, HTML/CSS Prototypes, Sketch, Adobe XD, Arduino, 3D Modeling and printing.
Visual Communication : UX wireframes, UI design, Video, Storyboards, Data Visualization.
Development : React Native, HTML, CSS & JavaScript, PHP & Wordpress.
Software : Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, XD, AfterEffects), Solidworks, Fusion360.

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