Spec is a wearable Braille Interpreter. The device aims to assist new students of Braille to learn the language in an intuitive and easier manner.

Current products in the market to learn Braille are usually analog or in the form of learning cards. While these help, they are counter-intuitive to the reading process. Lengthy text in Braille can be intimidating. 

Spec is worn on the tip of the finger and on the wrist. It uses soft materials and sensors so the user can always feel the print. Sliding across Braille text allows the user to feel the text while getting an audio narration through a smartphone. 

We built a works-like prototype using Arduino and an array of buttons, and later using an array of soft pressure sensors to simulate the device at a scaled up version. 

Team : Akhil Oswal & Aislinn Ayres
Duration : 3 weeks
Initial concept
Proof of concept in Arduino : We used soft sensors on a larger scale and then buttons to emulate the activation of the device when sliding across Braille text.

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